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Ylana and Igor's Recommendation

Right from the first phone call we had we felt relaxed and calm and the-so "threatening" moment has become an exciting experience in itself. We were looking to make a reform wedding that will include values of equality ​​and we met Rabbi David Mordecai in his house. During the meeting the rabbi explained to us, very patiently, the meaning of the ceremony, and the steps included in it and also gave some tips for the future. In the wedding day Rabbi David Mordecai arrived early to the location of the wedding, met us and our fathers and together we signed the ketuba agreement. The wedding ceremony was very special and at ease. The rabbi opened it with a funny joke; he went on lightly and with humor and didn't take more time than expected. We recommend that you meet with the rabbi, share your feelings, ask questions and you'd probably get answers in the most patient way there is.

Pavel and Olga's Recommendation


We reached rabbi David Mordecai through his website and since we're secular and my wife is not Jewish we decided to conduct a reform ceremony, it was important to us that the rabbi who will marry us will be open minded and will respect us not being religious. The meeting with the rabbi felt was nice and went well and he explained everything there is to know and answered all of our questions patiently. He didn't forget it was our ceremony and he let us be involved with the decisions concerning it. It is important to mention that the texts in the ceremony were enriching and not tiring as one would expect. The rabbi wanted to help us and was very flexible. We are happy that we got to be married by a rabbi who is modest, open to other people's opinions and loves what he does. We have a positive memory from our wedding ceremony that will be remembered in the years to come.

Taly and Yevgeny's Recommendation

We had the pleasure of knowing such a lovely person that is open to all kinds of perceptions and ideas. He let us make a lovely moving ceremony. Even before we knew him we expected the meeting with him, because of recommendations we heard about him.  We never guessed that it will be so hard to put into words the pleasure of meeting someone so special. We were present in a number of ceremonies that the rabbi conducted and although there are recurring themes for the most part, in each of his ceremonies he is making changes appropriate and costumed to the couple - of course after consulting with them. There wasn't one guest at the wedding who wasn't impressed by the way he conducted the ceremony and from his relaxing humoristic way of doing it. The decision to link our future with each other is hard, and that's why you need someone who will mediate and soften the transition from the single life to marriage life and it is important to do it in a suitable way for the couple. We, of course, stayed in touch with him - not every day you meet people like that. We thank you from the heart you made our canopy so exciting - and just in the style we wanted it.

Roman and Lena's recommendation

We had a lovely exciting, fun, funny and light ceremony. From the moment we met him we were captured by his charming personality. He is funny without trying. We knew he was the right rabbi for us, not just because he is funny but because the person he is. I get many comments about the ceremony and how great he is. He showed up early, explained everything right, and conducted a short, fun and light ceremony. He is caring and professional and we strongly recommend about him. He's a character. We were honored to have him marrying us.

Ina and Haim's recommendation

Right from the first meeting we had with rabbi David we were "bewitched" with this special rabbi. The meeting was in a very light and stress-less mode. We discussed traditional Jewish costumes related to the wedding and their meaning and he did it with a lot of humor. He has an open supportive attitude, and he consulted with us about the kind of ceremony we would like to have (long\short, funny\serious, traditional\liberal etc.) without any attempts to enforce anything. It is important to mention David doesn't conduct more than one wedding in a day and he gives the couple his full undivided attention. He conducts the ceremony in a moving, impressive and humoristic way and it doesn't take too long. All the guests in the wedding, with no exceptional, were very impressed with him and asked for his details If you want to have a special, unusual and extraordinary wedding rabbi David is the rabbi for you.