Modern jewish Wedding ceremony

Even in our modern world, a wedding ceremony still considers being one of the most important and exciting moments that one experiences during his lifetime. The ceremony symbolizes the change of life course that the adult chose to make and is aimed towards life of partnership with his\ hers loved one and in building a house and a new family together.

Although we are now stepping into the 21 century, according to the contemporary Israeli laws, Jews cannot legally marry in any other way besides the one offered in the orthodox rabbinate. Yet during the last decade, more and more people decide to "vote with their feet" and chose liberal alternatives that suite their culture and conduct alternatives Jewish wedding ceremonies.

The advanced Jewish ceremony combines traditional and modern elements and allows the marrying couple and their guests to take an active role in it, in the spirit of equality. All of those factors create a new refreshing and modern ceremony that suits the modern Jewish individual beliefs and values. This ceremony, in combination of the civil marriage abroad, offers a great alternative to couples who are interested in taking part in the social change occurring today.

Many couples that chose to walk in that path (their number increases every year) prove beyond all doubt that this change is not coincidental and that the liberal – reform Jewish ceremony is the optimal solution for the modern Jewish men and women.