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Rabbi David Mordecai


Rabbi David Mordecai was born in Haifa in 1959 and graduated "Leo Baeck" high school located in Haifa. In the military he served in the Navy

The rabbi received his B.A degree in psychology and sociology department from haifa University, and received his master's degree in Contemporary Judaism from the Hebrew Jerusalem Hebrew University .

Rabbi Mordecai has another master's degree in Jewish Studies that was received from the "Hebrew Union College" in Jerusalem.

The rabbi received his Ordination in the "Hebrew Union College" that belongs to the reform movement and was ordinated as a rabbi in 1997. As a Reform rabbi.

Rabbi David Mordechai served in a variety of positions: he was the director of the national youth movement for Progressive Judaism, served as a program manager of the Israeli Rabbinate studies in th "Hebrew union college" and served as a congregational Rabbi in "Sulam Yaakov" in Zichron Yaakov.

Rabbi Mordecai was also been involved in other public activities. He was the executive director of the village "givon hahadasha" (new givon) near Jerusalem.

In addition, the rabbi is working in the computer's department: he initiates web projects, and does computer graphics and arts.

The Rabbi conducts wedding ceremonies all across the country and abroad.