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wedding ceremony - conducted overseas

For those who are interested in conducting a wedding ceremony anywhere in the world - you can invite Rabbi Mordecai to conduct your wedding ceremony. The ceremony can be traditional, liberal or secular and will be determine along with the couple, and according to their needs and will.
Rabbi Mordecai is an experienced rabbi and he can conduct the ceremony in English and in Hebrew and read the wedding blessings in both languages.

The couples who want the rabbi to conduct their ceremony will be able to get an artistic Ketubah and will get to select a ketubah out of the designs the rabbi offers with the appropriate text for the couple. The written text in the ketubah can also be written in different languages ​​and can be read in front of the crowd during the ceremony. The rabbi is a singing rabbi and songs sung by him in both languages can be added as well.

During the canopy Rabbi Mordecai will link the ceremony to the Jewish tradition, to the new couple, and to the religious, cultural and social significance of the wedding. The nature of the things the rabbi would talk about will be adjusted according to the couple's wishes.

The ceremony that the rabbi will conduct will be done after the couple declared about his commitment to marry in a civil wedding and register within a reasonable time in order to receive their marriage status in Israel or the country where the couple live.

After reviewing the possibility of the rabbi conducting the wedding ceremony and after going over all the details of the ceremony, the rabbi will be in the place and time that was decided and set with the couple. Rabbi Mordecai could reach the place of the event independently, unless it was determined otherwise.

For exploring this option contact the rabbi.